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My name is Rasim. I am married with no kid, Govt servant, living inKarachi. After reading so many stories I want to share my experiencewith a woman other than my wife. In our 8 years married relation,many times I tried to have oral sex and anal sex with my wife. Butshe didn't agree on that. I was very frustrated in doing anal sex.The reason was Sara, the lady whom I fucked. Sara the lady of mydreams is our block fellow and best friend of my wife. She is alsomarried and has a one daughter. Her husband is lawyer. Sara is 5'.5"tall with wheatish complexion, long hairs up to her hips andattractive face. She has very big and well shaped boobs and gand. Ialways used to stare at her beautiful gand. She caught me red handedmany times but didn't say anything and she always tried to ignoreme. We have good family relations. We both families belong toPunjab. In last summer vacations my wife went to Punjab to herparents. Sara and her husband also went to Punjab. I was alone atKarachi. One day Bilal, her husband rang me from Punjab that he hadto go to UAE for some reasons and I had to pick Sara from airportafter three days as she was coming back alone with her daughter andhe has to spent at least 10 days in UAE. It was my luck for a goodchance. I agreed and assured him to pick her.On the day of her arrival I went to airport. The flight was at 10PM. She came with her daughter who was sleeping in her arms, Ipicked her daughter from her hands and she picked her luggage and wecame out. During drive I asked her how was she and how she spent hertime. She simply replied "every thing is ok" after some time Isaid "you have used a good perfume" She replied that she hadn't usedany perfume. I said "then its your body's smell, your body smell isvery good" She didn't say anything and turned her face other side.But I noticed a smile on her lips. We reached home and went insideher house with her daughter in my hands. She asked me to lie downher daughter in bedroom. Mean time she brought her luggage. Then Isaid ok. She nodded her head in ok and I came back to my home indisappointment. After about ten minutes the electric supply cut off.I picked up a candle and lit it. Suddenly an idea came in to mymind. I rang Sara and asked her about candles. She said that sheneeded it and requested me to bring few candles for her. I boughtfew candles from a store in our blocks and went to her home. As Iknocked her she immediately opened the door as she was standing nearthe door. She thanked me and offered me to come in and said that shewas frightening in the dark. I obliged her offer and went inside.She took me to the lounge where she was having her dinner. Sheoffered me to join her I didn't hesitated and joined her. In fewminutes I noticed that she was not comfortable. She looked in greattrouble as she was moving her hips lift right while sitting and shewas not taking her food properly and left after three or four bites.I thought that my presence made her uncomfortable. I inquired herbut she said that she was not feeling well. I asked her about hersickness but she didn't tell anything. I offered her to take her todoctor but she refused. On my continuous inquiry she told me thatshe had been suffering with constipation since five days. I askedher why she didn't take medicine. She told that she has taken everypossible medicine but results are negative. I asked her to use someexternal tablet but she told me that she had already tried it. Thenshe told me that with the use of that external tablet she needed togo to toilet but her passage had become hard and she felt severepain in doing so. I asked her in smiling way "why didn't you gethelp of Bilal?" "What? What did you say?" She understood my remarksand said angrily. I said "I mean that best solution is to apply someoil there and for this you could take help of Bilal" She repliedwith shy and low voice "he will die but will never do this" I askedsurprisingly "Why?". She said that he didn't like it. Then Isaid "why didn't you do it yourself" she said that she had tried butshe could not apply oil there properly and felt more pain. That wasa good chance I gathered my courage and said "may I help you" Shelooked at me in surprise and with widened eyes and said "what? Areyou mad?". I said "I can't see you in trouble, let me apply oil,I'II not do anything else" She turned her face and said "no! No! Youcan't do it, will it not be dirty for you" I said "It will not bedirty for me because I want to bring you out from trouble, where isoil?" She covered her face with her hands and said "I can't do it, Iam feeling shy" I said "In treatment there shouldn't be any shy.Where is oil?" I inquired again. She waited for few moments and thensaid "its in the bedrooms bathroom" I immediately rushed towardsbathroom and brought the bottle of oil. She buried her face in herknees. I asked her to sit on carpet on her knees and place her headon sofa with her hips high (like doggie position). Firstly shehesitated the she did the same?I asked her "How can I apply oil over the shalwar? Please slightlylower down your shalwar". She brought her hands under her belly anduntie her shalwar and slightly lowered it down. As I saw her sexynaked hips my lund became full erected. I dipped my right handfinger in oil and slowly placed on her hips. Her body was warm andshivering. I touched her gand with my oily finger. Oh! Her hole wasvery hot. With my touch at her gand she shivered more and sighed andcaught the cushion of sofa with her hands. I started rubbing hergand with my finger in circles. Firstly she stiffened her body butafter few minutes she relaxed. My lund was in full swing and startedaching in my trousers. With my other hand I unzipped my trousers andbrought my lund out. By now she was relaxed and was enjoying. Shestarted moving her hips left right very slowly. I increased pressurewith me finger on her hole gradually. I noticed that she had grippedthe cushions more tightly. Slowly the tip of my finger entered inher gand. She moaned and tightened her body. I pressed my fingermore and succeeded in entering the upper joint of my finger insideher. It was too hot. I kept moving my finger in circles in her gand.After few minutes she again relaxed her body and started moving herhips slowly to and fro. Then I asked her "may I apply oil deepinside?" she said in a sexy voice "you promised not to do anythingelse" I said "I stand on my words I am not ding anything else I justwant to apply oil deep inside you" "It will hurt me and I'll feelpain" she said without facing towards me. I said "I'll apply maximumoil and will do it very slowly. I'll stop if you feel pain" withthis I stood up and removed my all clothes. My lund was fullerected. My lund is not too big. It's just 7" long and 4.2" thickbut it is very hard.I poured oil on my lund and made it fully lubricated. She was stillin the same position. I lowered her shalwar more so that it felldown on carpet. Now her whole hips and thighs were naked. Ipositioned behind her and rolled her shirt up. Now her beautifulgand was in front of me. With both of my hands I apart herchootters. Her hole was very tiny and pink in colour. I asked her toapart her chootters with her hands. She brought her hands at herback and apart her chooters. Now it was a very lovely view. I lookeda little down at her choot. It was covered with hairs. My lundbecame more erected as I love hairy choots. Then I poured some oilon her hole and placed my lund on it. With the touch of my lund sheshivered and stiffened her body and said "please do it slowly, don'thurt me" I started moving my lund in circles on her gand. I did itfor about five minutes meantime my precum mixed with oil and made itmore lubricated. Then I felt that she had relaxed. I startedpressing my lund slowly in her hole. She tightened her body again. Ikept pressure of my lund on her hole and moved it up and downslowly. I continued it for three minutes then she relaxed her bodyagain. This was the chance; I pressed my lund with thumb and finger.By now her gand had become very lubricated and as her body wasrelaxed my lund make a way into her hole and its head buried in hergand. She said "ooeeeeeee" with pain and removed her hands from herchooters and held cushions to absorb pain. As the head of my lundentered her tight gand, it felt very hot inside her and the view ofmy lund's head buried in her gand was so sexy, I became so horny andexcited that I held her chooters and apart them and gave a strongpush to my lund in her gand. She tried to tightened her gand andsaid "no nnnnn please" but she was late. As my lund and her gandwere so lubricated, my full lund entered her gand in one jerk. Oh!She was so tight that my lund felt slight pain due to tightness ofher gand. She screamed and cry in a loud voice "ooooeeeeeeeeeoooeeeeee oh oh oee maa hi main mer gayee. ooeeee meri bund (gand)phat gayee oo oo hi maa oee meri bund (gand) phat gayee."Her voice was so high that I afraid her neighbours may not heard. Itried to place my hand on her mouth but she buried her face deep incushions and kept crying and saying "meri bund pharr dee, ooeeeemeri bund phat gayee, bahar nikalo nahin to main merr jaoon gee" Islowly squeezed her huge boobs with both hands they were very hardand her nipples were erected. Then I bowed down and kissed on herneck. My lund was feeling her hard shit inside her gand. She againrequested "please bahar nikalo warna main merr jaoon gee" I pressedher boobs a little hard and while licking on her ears said "maintumhay mernay nahin doongha, bus thorri derr may theek ho jayaega"She brought her left hand towards her gand and touched my lund andsaid "uff yeh bohat motta hay, iss nay meri bund phar dee hay" Isqueezed her boobs more tightly and licked on her ears andsaid "kiya bohat motta hay?" She said "yeh jo appnae un der daaldiya hay" I said "yeh kiya hay, iss ko kiya kehtay hain" She saidwhile touching my balls with her hand "mujay nahin patta, app kopatta ho gaa" I moved my lund slighty in her gand and said "mujaytoo patta hay lakin main tumharay muun se sunana chahta hun" "oh noplease hiloo nahin mujay dard ho raha hay, bus aram se un der dallker rakhain"I said "ok, pahlay yehhbatao kay iss ko kiya kahtay hain" shesqueezed my balls and said "app bohat baysharram hain, meray saygandi baatain kurna chahtay hain" I said "haan main tumharay saygandi baatain kerna chahta hun, tum bhi baysharam ho jaoo"She turned her face towards me and with her right hand she held myhead and brought closer to her face and kissed on my ears andsaid"app ka itna motta lund apni bund main lay kar baysharam banitoo hoie hun, aur kiya chahtay hain" She again touched my lund withleft hand and said"app ka lund bohat motta or lumba hay, Bilal kaitna barra nahin hay". Her filthy talks made me horny and I tried tomoved my lund in her gand. Her gand was so tight that that my lundwas unable to move. She shouted with pain and said "nnnn no pleasehilna nahin, mujay bohat dard ho raha hay, abhi aisay hi lattaeraho, jub meri bund ki tumharay lund say dosti ho jaae to phirhilna" I said "ok" I moved my hand under her belly and placed mypalm on her choot. As she felt my touch on her choot she shiveredand moaned and said "aap iss ko kiya kahtay ho?" I pressed her chootand said "choot". She turned her face and kissed and entered hertongue in my mouth. We did a long kiss. she said "iss ko phuddy bhito kahtay hain" I said "yes" She again kissed me and said "mujhayphuddi kahna accha lagta hai aur meri phuddy aap kay lund kay liaybohat tight hai" After hearing this I loosed my control. I grippedher boobs very tightly and pulled my lund out. As my half lundbecame out I pushed it in her with great force. She startedcrying "ooeee haeee nahin main merr jaoon ghi meri bund phat jaayghi, please abhi aapnay lund ko nahin hilaoo" but I didn't listen toher and started fucking her gand madly. She collapsed on sofa andstarted abusing me "bahan chood, parrai bund mufat main chodnay komill ghaee hay iss liyae meri bund phar rahay ho" I continuedfucking without listening her and held her hips with my handsbringing her closer to me and started more fast. During fucking mylund was touching her hard shit inside her gand which after sometime felt soft and she discharged few gasses from her gand. By thenshe had also controlled her pains and started moving her gand withmy motion which showed that she had started enjoying, With my jerksher shit became more soft and it started oozing out when my lund wasmoving out.By then I was about to come I held her boob again with right handand placed left hand on her phuddi and said "oh janoo I am cuming"She brought her hands towards my back and held my hips and kissed meand said "ab maza aa raha hay, aapna lund ko meri bund kay un derrchootnay do aur meri bund ko aapnay lund kay juice say bhar do" withthat I gave few final stokes and exploded in her gand when my lundwas full inside her. She also reached her orgasm and my hand becamewet with her phuddy juices. I laid on her back for few minutes andthen I pulled my lund out. It came out with a "pucch" sound and hershit also came out. My lund was fully coated with her shit. Sheimmediately got up and rushed towards bathroom. After few minutes Ifollowed her and entered the bathroom.By then she was relaxed and made her shit. She saw towards my lundand said "yeh to meri shit say ganda ho gayaa hai" I said "koee baatnahin main iss ko saaf kar lattaa hun" by then my lund was halferected she stood up and embraced with me and kissed on my lips andsaid "main aap ko batati hun kay main kitni baysharam hun" with thatshe held my shoulders and asked me to sit on commode. I obeyed herand sat on commode. She sat on my thighs facing towards me with herlegs across me. My lund was touching her phuddi. It made my lundagain hard she wrapped her arms across me I also held her tightlyand kissed on her lips she entered her tongue in my mouth and withthat she started pissing on my lund. Oh what was that feeling, herwarm piss was washing my lund. We kept in that position till shefinished pissing and said "main nay aap ka lund ganda kiya tha aurab main nay isko dho diya hay" I again kissed her and said "tumwakayee bohat baysharam ho" She replied "aap nay bana diya hay" Isaid "ab tum ghorri bano main aapnay lund say thumhari bund dhottahun" she said excitedly "yes bohat maza aa ay gha" and we both stoodup and she immediately assumed doggy position with her hands oncommode and hips up. I apart her hips and positioned my lund on herhole to piss. As my lund was erected, it took long time to relax andthen I pissed on her gand. As my warm piss fall on her gand she saidexcitedly "oh janoo bohat maza aa raha hay, mujhay aaj say pahlaychudnay ka itna maza nahin aaya. Tum bohat baysharam aur ganday ho,mujhay tumharay jaisa murd hi chahiae tha jis kay sath main bhibaysharam ho sakun" after that we both took shower together, shesoaped me and I soaped her. After drying our bodies with towel wecame in bedroom and on bed started kissing and embracing. Afterabout ten minutes kissing on her lips, face and boob sucking Ilicked her belly and came down and touched her hairy phuddy with mytongue. She widened her legs and held my head in her hands andpressed it towards her phuddy.I cupped her hips and started licking her phuddy. Her phuddy wasvery tasty and was smelling good. After about five minutes she heldmy shoulders and lifted me up and said "aap apni legs meri tarff kerlo main nay aap ka lund choosna hay" this was a good offer. Weimmediately assumed 69 positions and started our jobs. It was herfirst time but she was a very good sucker. We did this for about tenminutes after that I asked her to lie on her back. I placed a pillowunder her hips and put her legs on my shoulder. I widened her legsand bend her knees to touch her shoulders. Now her sexy hairy phuddiwas in font of me. She brought her hands down her hips and apartedher chootars to widen her phuddy. I spit on my lund and rubbed itshead with it and then placed it on her phuddy. As my lund touchedher phuddy her body shivered. I laid on her and embraced her with myleft hand and cupped her boob with right hand. My lund was ready toenter her phuddy. I asked her to put her tongue in my mouth. Sheentered her tongue in my mouth saying "meri phuddi bohat tight hayaur apka lund bohat motta hay, zara aram se un derr dalna" I heldher tightly and while sucking her tongue, with a powerful jerk Ientered my full lund in her phuddy. Oh! Her phuddy was also verytight. She screamed and removed her hands from her hips and buriedher nails in my back. The tightness of her phuddy reminded me thatshe was in pain. She bit on my cheeks, necks and shoulders andshouted "oeeeee haiiiii bahan chood tum nay meri phuddi bhi phar dihay" her phuddy was tight like a virgin girl. She wrapped her legsaround my waist. I started massaging her body from her boobs to herchooters with my right hand, in between many times I squeezed hernipples and licked her face. She kept quite and hugged me tightly,replied to my licking with licking my ears and moaned in sexyvoices "oooeee, ………..uff kitna motta lund hai, aisay lagta hai kaykhottay (donkey) ka lund ho" I replied "kottay ka lund itna chottanahin hotta, tumhari phuddy ziada tight hai iss liyae tumhain meralund motta lug raha hai" with this I started to move my lund but sheimmediately buried her nails in my back, tightened the grip of herlegs around my waist and said "oh janoo abhi nahin hilo mujhay dardho raha hai, pahlay meri phuddy ko aapkay lund say dosti ker laynaydo, zara dard thorra ho to phir iss ko choodna".I stopped my movement and we started kissing and hugging. Shesaid "main aapko bohat pahlay say chahti hun lakin main aap koignore karti thi kay kahin aap meri phuddy na mar lo" I said "tophir ab kiyun mera lund aapni phuddy main liya hua hay" shereplied "ab muj say sabbar nahin ho raha tha, mujhay Bilal saytassali nahin ho rahi thi, wo na to tumhari tarah mujhay choodta haiaur na hi wo meri phuddy per kiss karta hay aur na hi meri bundmarta hai, mujhay bund marwanay ka bohat dil karta tha, jub aapnaymeri bund main oil laganay ki baat ki to main sabbar na ker sakki"she started moving her hips very slowly and with her phuddy shesqueezed my lund and said "mujhay aissa laga hai ki main pahli barchoodi hun, aap bohat mazay ka choodtay ho, ab slowly slowly meriphuddy marro" with this I started fucking her slowly and said "tumbhi mujhay bohat khoobsurat lagti ho, main bhi her waqat tumhainchoodnay kay baray main sochta rahta tha, mujhay bhi tumhari phuddyaur bund nay bohat maza diya hai, main nay pahli bar bund marri hai,tumhari phuddy itni tight hai kay lag raha hai kay kissi 16 saal kikawwarri larki ki phuddy ho" she said "aap kay motta lund aur meritight phuddy hum dono ko bohat maza daay rahay hain, ab dard cum hogiya hay ab meri phuddy zor zor say marain" with this she moved herhips up and down, bit on my tongue and said "apna thook (saliva)meray muun may dalo yeh bohat mazay ka hai" this was too much for mypatience, I kissed her and entered my tongue in her mouth, held hertightly and started fucking her like a mad dog. She in turn wrappedher legs tightly around my waist and started moving her hips up anddown with my movement.She was moaning and producing sexy voices like "ah, oh maza aa giyaaur zor say meri phuddy maro" within few minutes I was about to cum,I paused fucking and asked her for a condom. She scratched my backwith her nails and tightened her legs more then she held my hips andsaid "jan say marr doon gi agar apna lund bahar nikala tu, apna lundmeri phuddy main discharge ker do, jo ho ga phir dekh lain gay"hearing that I started fucking her again and with in next thirtyseconds exploded deep inside her phuddy. With my discharge she heldme tightly and squeezed her phuddy to suck my lund and with apassionate kiss she also reached her orgasm and my lund felt thewetness of her cum. "oh janoo maza aa giya, aaj say pahlay itna mazanahin aya tha, meri phuddy ko tumhara lund bohat passand aya hai"she tightened her phuddy and sucked every drop of my cum inside herphuddy. Due to hard fucking we became tired and slept naked in eachothers arms. We got up at about 4'O clock in the morning then wefucked for one time more. After that I came back. Now six monthshave passed still we have sexual relations and whenever we get achance I fuck her. I am writing my experience with the consent ofSara.


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